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Abbadia San Salvatore, with its beautiful and intact medieval town, remain on the slopes of the Amiata Mountain. Hosts the beautiful Abbey of SS Salvatore, dating from 1035, known throughout the world for its charming and mysterious Lombard crypt full of alchemical and early Christian symbols.



Bagni San Filippo is a small spa town known for its healing sulfur waters and for the "White Ditch", a stream in the woods at the confluence of several hot springs. Along the stream there are a series of natural "pools" with hot water where everybody can swim the whole year. Along the river you can see also the unique, dazzling limestone formations with suggestive shapes, among which the best known is the huge "White Whale", with its impressive waterfall.



Mount Amiata is a mountain of 1738 meters above sea level in the Tuscan Apennines. It is an ancient extinct volcano, with the presence of woods, rocks and lakes of volcanic origin. Ski slopes with chair lifts are active in the winter months. That observed from Mount Amiata and in particular from its peak, is probably the largest and most impressive landscape of the whole central Italy. The visitor, in favorable environmental conditions, can let his gaze wander for hundreds of kilometers and observe almost all the Apennines Mountains.

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