You will come back...

You will walk a small road that climbs the hill flanked by the rugged rocks of the Amiata and bushes of wild broom.Maybe climbing up you will meet the puzzled look of a hare that with two agile leaps will immediately disappear from your sight.

Then you will reach the top. The house will present itself to you in all its ancient form,red  as the earth of Siena, severe and rough as the Amiata's people. From the loggia you will open your eyes over wheat fields and green pastures of the vally, cut off from the old Via Cassia, you will find yourself lost in a limitless sky traked by clouds,driven by a constant breeze that sighs...Finally in front of you the sun will illuminate the solmn castle of Radicofani, medieval vestiges of a gloriuos past.

Behind, towards the mountains you will meet the olive trees and walking through their twisted trunks you will hear the rustling of the branches... between the silvery leaves filter out the sun's rays,to draw your path... The scent of wood smoke will attract you back to the house with the promise of a cosy fireplace.

And then, you will come back...


PODERE SAN GIOVANNI                                                                                                                    

Via Cassia Km 155.3​                                                                                                                                                            

Abbadia San Salvatore​                                                                                                                                                       cell.338.32.63.576


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